Publications 2016

Publications 2016


Aimar Thierry, Bismans Francis, Diebolt Claude : Business Cycles in the Run of History, Editions Springer, Berlin, 2016, 94 pages.

Canals Valérie, Diebolt Claude, Jaoul-Grammare Magali : "Education, productivité et gain. Retour sur les approches critiques de l’enchaînement causal de la théorie du capital humain"Studia Oeconomica Posnaniensia, vol. 4, n°3, 2016, pp. 137-162.

Diebolt Claude : "Cliometrica after 10 Years: Definition and Principles of Cliometric Research", in : Cliometrica, vol. 10,   n°1, 2016, pp. 1-4.

Diebolt Claude, Haupert, Michael (édit.) : Handbook of Cliometrics, Editions Springer, Berlin, 2016, 590 pages.

Diebolt ClaudePerrin Faustine : "Growth Theories", in : Diebolt, C. ; Haupert, M. (édit.) : Handbook of Cliometrics, Editions Springer, Berlin, 2016, pp. 177-195.

Diebolt Claude, Mishra Tapas, Parhi Mamata : Dynamics of Distribution and Diffusion of New Technology. A Contribution to the Historical, Economic and Social Route of a Developing Economy, Editions Springer, Berlin, 2016, 236 pages.

Ege Ragip, Igersheim Herrade, Le Chapelain Charlotte : "Transcendental vs. Comparative Approaches to Justice: A Reappraisal of Sen’s Dichotomy", in : European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 23, n°4, 2016, pp. 521-543.






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