Publications 2018

Publications 2018


Duan Kun, Mishra Tapas, Parhi Mamata : "Space Matters: Understanding the Real Effects of Macroeconomic Variations in Cross-Country Housing Price Movements", in : Economics Letters, vol. 163, February 2018, pp. 130-135.

Gupta Prashant, Mallick Sushanta, Mishra Tapas : "Does Social Identity Matter in Individual Alienation? Household-Level Evidence in Post-Reform India", in : World Development, vol. 104, April 2018, pp. 154-172.

Diebolt Claude, Michael Haupert : "A Cliometric Counterfactual: What If There Had Been Neither Fogel Nor North?", in : Cliometrica, vol. 12, n°3, 2018, pp. 407-434.

Diebolt Claude, Ralph Hippe : "Remoteness Equals Backwardness? Human Capital and Market Access in the European Regions: Insights from the Long Run", in : Education Economics, vol. 26, n°3, 2018, pp. 285-304.

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