Revues spécialisées


Cliometrica provides a leading forum for the exchange of ideas and research in historical economics, covering all facets, all historical periods, and all parts of the world. The journal encourages the methodological debate, use of economic theory, model building, and reliance upon quantification to support models with historical data. Moreover, it stresses the use of standard historical knowledge to broaden understanding and suggest new avenues of research as well as the use of statistical theory and econometrics to combine models with data into a single consistent explanation. The journal is included in the Social Sciences Citation Index. More


Economic History Review

The Economic History Review is published quarterly and each volume contains over 800 pages. It is an invaluable source of information and is available free to members of the Economic History Society. Publishing reviews of books, periodicals and information technology, The Review will keep anyone interested in economic and social history abreast of current developments in the subject. It aims at broad coverage of themes of economic and social change, including the intellectual, political and cultural implications of these changes. More


Economies et Sociétés (Série AF)

The Série AF is the French journal of Quantitative Economic History. It was founded in the early 60s by Marczewski and Perroux with the financial support of Kuznets and the NBER. The journal contains, in the retrospective national accounting tradition, important statistical productions on France, but also other European and non European countries. The journal is indexed in the EconLit list. More


European Review of Economic History

The European Review of Economic History is a major outlet for research in economic history. Articles cover the whole range of economic history -- papers on European, non-European, comparative and world economic history are all welcome. Contributions shed new light on existing debates, raise new or previously neglected topics, and provide fresh perspectives from comparative research. The Review includes full-length articles, shorter articles, notes and comments, debates, survey articles, and review articles. It also publishes notes and announcements from the European Historical Economics Society. More


Explorations in Economic History

Explorations in Economic History provides broad coverage of the application of economic analysis to historical episodes. The journal has a tradition of innovative applications of theory and quantitative techniques, and it explores all aspects of economic change, all historical periods, all geographical locations, and all political and social systems. The journal includes papers by economists, economic historians, demographers, geographers, and sociologists. More


Histoire et Mesure

Histoire & Mesure explores the history of statistics and measurement practices, from antique surveying or medieval gauging to contemporary scientific instruments. It also publishes papers using statistical, formal or quantitative methods as a tool for historical research, whatever the period and theme studied. Far from being limited to economic or demographic history, the journal has always been open to cultural and political history, archeology, etc. Refusing to isolate methodology from history, it considers that a reflection on the construction of quantitative tools helps to make a better use of them. More


Historical Social Research

Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung is an international, bilingual scientific journal for historical social research which disseminates new methods in the field of history. The journal was established in 1976 and got its present title in 1979. The journal is included in the Social Sciences Citation Index. More


Journal of Economic History

The Journal of Economic History is devoted to the multidisciplinary study of history and economics, and is of interest not only to economic historians but to social and demographic historians, as well as economists in general. The journal has broad coverage, in terms of both methodology and geographic scope. Topics covered include money and banking, trade, manufacturing, technology, transportation, industrial organisation, labour, agriculture, servitude, demography, education, economic growth, and the role of government and regulation. In addition, an extensive book review section keeps readers informed about the latest work in economic history and related fields. More


Journal of the Association for History and Computing

The Journal of the Association for History and Computing is sponsored by the American Association for History and Computing (AAHC), organized at a conference held in Cincinnati in January 1996. The AAHC aspires to promote and develop interest in the use of computers in all types of historical study at every level, in both teaching and research. We believe that computers and computing are rapidly changing important elements of the work of historians and students of history, constituting a major transformation in the way knowledge is created and communicated. A major goal of this journal is to help define useful standards to maximize the utility of computers in historical studies. More


Revista de Historia Economica

The Revista de Historia Económica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History (RHE-JILAEH) provides a global forum for nation specific discussions on economic history, placed within international frameworks. (RHE-JILAEH) publishes original research papers on economic history, economic thought and areas of economics concerned with long-term analysis of the Iberian and Latin American regions. Emphasis is given to work that places this research in a global context, particularly papers that adopt international comparative approaches. Reflecting the journals strong commitment to internationalise the ongoing debates in Iberian and Latin American economic history, it publishes articles in English and Spanish. More